Welcome to the Southern California Naginata Federation!

Celebrating over 40 years of excellence in Naginata!
Here you will learn a little about naginata as a weapon of the samurai and as a budo (martial discipline). Our chief instructor, Helen Michiyo Nakano sensei, a Kyoshi, is a recognized instructor by the USNF (United States Naginata Federation) and INF (International Naginata Federation), a member of the board and vice president in the INF (International Naginata Federation) and an internationally certified shimpan (referee). The USNF is a member of the INF (International Naginata Federation).

Congratulations and thank you to all who tested, participated and helped with SCNF Seminar and Family Taikai.

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"...to embrace self-reflection; to have the humility to praise one's opponent - these are the kinds of things I hope we can learn through our naginata training."
- Kimura Yasuko (Tendo-Ryu, 17th Souke)