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What is Naginata?

Naginata is a Japanese martial art form for men, women, and children. The Naginata originated over 1,000 years ago. It was a powerful weapon against horsemen and foot soldiers alike. The naginata's length and weight made it an efficient weapon against the sword, and its circular execution made it one of the most graceful and fluid of classical Japanese combat systems. Naginata today is an art form that teaches etiquette, respect, patience, self-confidence, and self-control. The practice of Naginata nurtures stamina, beauty and grace of movement, and the building of character through discipline and concentration. Moreover, it prepares individuals to deal with the rigors of life, and in establishing a moral code based on chivalry and honor.

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A brief history of the naginata

Additional information on the history of the naginata!

Naginata Today

Dictionary of Naginata terms

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Our Guest Authors:
1) Rev. Tetsuo Unno (Shin Buddhism)
2) Kimura Yasuko Sensei; AJNF Senior Instructor

Naginata Blade Construction

Photos of a 17th century naginata blade

Photos of a Koto Era blade

Naginata picture postcard from the early 1900's

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About our chief instructor:
Sensei Helen Michiyo Nakano 

About the Southern California Naginata Federation

Naginata FAQ: including where to buy equipment,
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"Muscle Structure & Function" information compiled by author Paul Riley of Naginata Shugyo; Aurora, CO.
"Know your body, know your limitations, then dare to stretch your horizons......."

  • Part 1: "Musculature, Stretching, & Flexibility".

  • Part 2: "Classification, Supplementary Structures, Major Muscles and Muscle Groups".

  • Part 3: "Contractions, Filaments, and Stretch Reflex".

  • Part 4: "Stretching, Sprains and Strains".

The Hakama (traditional uniform):


In addition to our regular dojo (school) locations, Naginata is taught at El Camino College in Torrance, CA. 
Call 310-532-3670 or 866-ELCAMINO (toll free) for registration information, or email admissionshelp@elcamino.edu

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Please check our FAQ first if you have questions concerning our school locations, where to buy equipment, sword appraisal, observing our classes, joining the SCNF, etc.

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