What is “Naginata”?
This question can be answered in two ways. “Naginata” by definition is a pole weapon with a curved single-edged blade on the end. “Naginata” also refers to the Japanese martial art using a naginata with a wooden shaft and a curved bamboo blade.

Do I need to start with equipment/gear?
For those who want to try out naginata, comfortable gym attire will suffice. A naginata will be loaned to a beginner to practice for the first month. After a certain amount of time a practitioner will be expected to acquire the proper uniform (keiko-gi top and hakama pants) and their own atarashii naginata. Bogu (armor) is only required when a practitioner has acquired the proper experience (about 1 year).

What sort of equipment/gear do I need?
Naginata practitioners are expected to eventually attend practice in proper uniform and their own naginata. Naginata can be purchased from a martial retailer (see below). Check with instructor if renting a naginata is an option. Bogu (armor) is only required for individuals who have the acquired the proper experience and/or will need to practice in bogu for acquiring rank.

Where can I get equipment/gear?
Equipment and gear can be purchased from martial arts equipment retailers that carry proper naginata equipment. SCNF members frequently use the following retailers:
Mazkiya USA (
E-bogu (

Where can I practice?
Check our Locations page for practice locations and times. Please contact the instructor before attending your first class. Many times an instructor will let you watch first.

How often is there practice?
Practice times differ by dojo location. Check the Locations page for details or contact an instructor for more information. It is recommended that you regularly attend as many classes per week that are offered.

Do I need experience with other martial arts?
No experience in other martial arts is required.

Is there an age minimum/maximum to start Naginata?
The preference is a minimum age of 10 years old, with exceptions given to proven young individuals that can maintain proper focus and attitude. For maximum, there is no upper limit in age.

What are the benefits of practicing naginata?
By practicing the Japanese martial art of naginata, one not only gains physical skill and improved fitness, but also learns self-discipline and respect towards others. In addition, naginata instills courtesy and good sportsmanship.